Zayn Patel

I write essays and programs.

I'm studying Quantitative Methods at Babson College and taking EECS classes at the Olin College of Engineering.

I'm an undergraduate researcher at the Olin Satellite Spectrum Technology and Policy Lab, advised by Dr. Whitney Lohmeyer. I mostly work on the data scrapers team where I'm scraping and analyzing every FCC satellite filing from the FCC's database and performing data science on the orbital debris assessment reports (ODARs) to better inform policy makers at the FCC and NASA on orbital debris rules. We built a map for the FCC Space Bureau so they can visualize pending and current ground stations.

I'm also the ground systems lead on the SWARM-EX team, an NSF-funded CubeSat mission. We're launching in 2024.

I've co-authored papers on Building and Testing a UHF Ground Station, Data Sharing in LEO Constellations, and a comparison between NGSO and GSO satellite filings.

Contact: [email protected]