1-pager on CFS

Early Thoughts on Commonwealth Fusion Systems (reposted from Twitter)

There are at least five good reasons why nuclear fusion matters. 1) It releases zero carbon emissions. Helium, a non-environment-harming gas, is the only byproduct. 2) Nuclear fusion can produce four million times oil and coal energy. 3) We can source the materials needed for internal fusion reactions (deuterium, tritium, lithium) from the earth; deuterium can be extracted from oceans and the upper atmosphere, and lithium is in the earth’s crust. 4) It takes 0.1g of deuterium and 0.3g of lithium to power the average American for a year (CFS estimate). That’s small, like the size of lint small. 5) Successful scaling of nuclear fusion can power 458M+ people in the world’s least developed countries who don’t have access to electricity. 

In my nuclear fusion research, I’ve been intrigued by Commonwealth Fusion Systems because of their use of the superconductor. In this one-pager, I explain how CFS technology works and what the future of nuclear fusion looks like. 

How does CFS tech work?