GitHub is the most important social media

A re-written excerpt of a private slack message about All-in e124.

GitHub is an atypical social media platform because it requires specific knowledge. Almost everything on GitHub is code. Documentation is the exception but technical knowledge is usually required for this too because it describes technical ideas. I'm classifying GitHub as a social media platform because it has the characteristics of one. It's a place where developers share ideas, discover new use cases, and meet contributors.

As the shipping velocity of AI products increases, I suspect more people will transition from a viewer of demos to an auditor of code to a writer of code. Many people are doing this now, it's more subtle because the population of developers is smaller than those watching the demos.

In technological revolutions it's wise to watch the actions of the smartest engineers. Engineers are the most powerful people in the world and they're staking their conviction for the future on GitHub. It's happening open-source, in real time.