Meta 1-pager

This was originally posted in 2022 when I had Twitter.

My Thesis on Meta and Extended Reality

Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebrand of Facebook to Meta a year ago this week. While scrutiny was expected, in the enterprise, the opposite happened. Big tech companies poured trillions of dollars into research and development. They spent on R&D, human capital expansion, game engine development, partnerships, etc. Companies in unexpected industries, like Pwc accounting, began building digital real estate in the meta verse. Despite the exuberance in enterprise, consumers haven’t been as ecstatic. Most doubt virtual reality as replacing the role phones play in their lives. Others doubt Mark Zuckerberg. Or, throw hate at Meta for attempting to activate a new computing platform. I believe in the future of XR and I think Meta is going to win. In this one-pager, I rebuttal each of the consumer counterarguments mentioned above.